Poor layer of the second down ink on the first down ink in multicolor offset printing.


The tack value of the second down ink is higher than that of the first down ink.(Imbalance of tack)

Set tack sequence according to the color sequence(subsequent inks must have lower tacks.)



Poor ink absorbency of paper decreases momentary increase of tack, which prevents the first down ink from holding the second down ink properly.

Use paper with better ink absorbency.


Imbalance of distribution of dampening water among the units breaks the balance of tacks.

Less amount of the second down ink than the first down ink.

Improper setting of impression pressure.

Poor ink transfer due to old blanket.

Balance the amount of dampening water among the printing units.

Increase the distribution of the second down ink.

Adjust the impression pressure.

Use a new blanket.


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