Large Format Printing inks
AS INC has been dedicating in the development and manufacturing of offset printing inks for a long time and we have been also focusing on the digital printing inks for years and today is a market leader supplying ink solutions to users, distributors and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. We offer a range of solvent ink solutions for the wide and super-wide format printer markets.
Premium Quality
AS INC delivers high-quality inks with an unrivalled batch-to-batch consistency.
We have achieved such a status through:
 - Use only the best raw materials and the best global suppliers
 - Gain ISO 9001:2000 certification and highest international standard production facilities.
 - Ensure the quality of our products with 21 rigorous tests and requirements
High Performance

AS INC delivers optimum printer performance through the unique ink formulations.

Our inks features are as below:

- 3 years Outdoor Durability: The inks are designed to have an excellent light fastness and outdoor durability up to 36 months without the need for lamination.
- Exceptional Drying Properties: Inks are designed with exceptional drying properties, providing a faster turnaround time from one printing job to the next.
- High Optical Density: High optical density and wide color gamut enable a broad range of vibrant printed colors and consistent shades.

Eco-Solvent inks